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Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Hai allz.
As per promised, today officially we launch our new contests. Not 1 but 2 Contests run simultaneously. So all of you have double chances to win a prize.

This time, as per requested by prizes sponsors, they want something full of happiness. So, Smileeeeeeeeeeeeee.

The title for first contest is

This idea was suggested by Ummi Amna&Amzar (extra point to you. lol). So what you should do  is sent us a picture content happy moment between your child and he/her grandpa or grandma or both. Make sure it full of happiness and smileeeeeeeeee...

Title for second contest is

Most of our child have their own favorite toy and sometimes like a buddy. Can't left behind even during eating, bathing, playing, sleeping etc. So capture the best of the best moment your kid with his/her toy and send to us.

The Prizes for the winners:

1st Place:
2 x GAP Pyjamas + RM10 Shopping Voucher + Free Gift

2nd Place:
2 x GAP Pyjamas + RM5 Shopping Voucher + Free Gift

3rd Place:
2 x RM10 Shopping Voucher + Free Gift

4th to 10th Place:
12 x RM5 Shopping Voucher + Free Gift

1 x Mystery Prize to be given to special participant. Very special...

In total 21 prizes to be grab.

*For the 1st and 2nd Place, design and size will be determine later. If any changes the value of new prize will be equal or more than current.
*All Shopping Voucher only valid shopping with us. lol
*Time by time maybe price will be add by our sponsor for all happiness. 

For All Information:
You can enter both contests and entitle to win both contest. But everyone only eligible to enter 1 participant for each contest and make sure follow the the contest T&C as per stated below.

Terms & Condition:
Read carefully and follow step by step.

1. Become Maisyz Collection blog-shop and Lydia's blog ( ) beloved follower.

2. Publish your participant at your own blog and the tittle please follow Contest Tittle as per stated above. If you want join both contest make sure you post separately. Means 2 posts. 

3. On the post make sure the following items must included:
a. Contest banner (make sure it link with this url )
b. Your Best Picture relevant to the contest tittle (Picture must see 3/4 face and it can be edited but limit to border, description and special effect not encourage)
c. Short brief/story regarding the picture.
d. Your full name.
e. Valid e-mail address.

4. Add the following banner to your side blog.
a. Maisyz Collection
Create your own banner at!
Copy this code to your website to display this banner!

b. Lydia's Blog
Create your own banner at!
Copy this code to your website to display this banner!

5. Add your participant/post link to COMMENT below for us notify your entry. Please make sure it valid link coz we will check the entry and do comment for improvement if required. 

6. Participate on our Pool Survey power-up by Nuffnang on our sidebar. The objective of this pool is to survey regarding our follower and customer details such as gender, age, price etc. Just few simple question.
(Just for all information. The platform for this survey pool was prepared by nuffnang and all question from us. So the feedback also comeback to us for our improvement in blog-shop business.)

7. Please click, join and participate  the advertiser by Nuffnang on our blog coz they is one of the allusion co-sponsor this contest. This is not compulsory. The money raise from the advertisement will we will be returned back to you all by running another contests. hehehe...
(Please read below comment regards fraud click)

8. Closing date : 30th November 2010 at 23:59 (in honor of my birthday. lol)

So all the best and good luck... Cheeerssssss Smileeeee and full of happiness to all.

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